Trials and Tribulations with C.P.P.S.

I am a 28 year old in house attorney who struggles with cpps. Although this blog will be about my struggles, fears, trials, and tribulations associated with this condition I am much more than that. I am a fiance' to my wonderful bride to be. I am a son to two wonderful parents. I am a friend to many wonderful people in my life. I am an athlete, and former bodybuilder, who hopes to one day beat this disease and return to the competitive stage.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh This is Gonna Be Deep, get out the row boat!

I would like to reflect on my childhood as I lead up to what I believe is the cause of my cpps. As a very young child my coordination came quick. I was a step faster than all the kids, stronger, and sports came very easy to me. Soccer was my first love and it wasnt uncommon for me to score 3-4 goals per game with little effort. I also excelled at baseball and basketball despite my short stature. However, as I aged something was happening or not happening. The children around me were growing, and growing fast. They were suddenly not a step behind me, but a step ahead of me. Yep, you guessed I was going to be a late bloomer in life, which was strange based on my early development, and the fact my dad was the height he is now in the 8th grade and practically had a full beard. What this meant was a childhood of self doubt, underdevelopment, and undermuscled.

I still was a decent athlete despite my late development as I still had my coordination and was a skilled player. I was just no longer able to take over the game at will like when I was younger. When full blown puberty hit things got harder as the boys became men, and developed muscle. Two things that vividly stick out from my childhood. While in the eighth grade I went to a soccer tryout and we had to go skins. My dad commented on how I was the only kid with a bit of a belly. I wasnt fat, but my stomach sure stuck out a bit. In fact, I was a skinny little kid. But, this comment stuck with me all those years. He probably has no clue he ever said it. The other thing was my friends who were both very muscular kids for thier age would comment on my lack of chest muscle development, telling me I had a bird cage, and making tweetie sounds. It was all in good fun, and they were close friends, but it hurt, and stuck with me into adulthood. Reflecting on this things, its no wonder I took the attitude that I will show you all.

In the spring of my 19th year I took up bodybuilding and went from the first picture posted to the second picture within five years of balls to the wall training that only a perfectionist knows how to do. However, such a journey I did not travel without it taking a toll on my pelvic floor. And this gets into how I developed cpps, which is for the next post...

*Note, the fact I cant get the pictures the right size bugs the crap out of me, but my computer skills are somewhat limited.


Blogger FLEXXXED1 said...

I came across your blog fom the cpps forum. It lookz like we have some things in common. first we both r in cincy. second we r bodyBuilders and maybe kno some of the same people or maybe have seen 1 another in some shows. and last but not least we both kno this WHORE with the initials C.P.P.S.. anyway just wanted to say hello! FLEXXED1

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